Do’s and Don’t’s

The Do's And Don'ts of Motor Caravanning, courtesy of NZ Motor Caravan Association.


* DO respect and enjoy the company of fellow members.
* DO NOT overstay your welcome!


* DO treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself.
* DO NOT play loud music, have generators on at night, hang out washing in the wrong place!

Road Manners:

* DO obey NZ traffic rules. Pull over to let traffic pass. Remember the wings are noticed by others.
* DO NOT hog the road.


* DO help other members. A yellow flag means assistance is needed.
* DO NOT drive by if the motorhome looks different to yours!

Waste & Rubbish:

* DO remember we are a 'Green Low Impact' organisation. Always use dump stations & pick up pet-poo.
* DO NOT drop waste, black, grey or rubbish in incorrect places.


* DO ensure that your motorhome is roadworthy, meets Government regulations, & take a pride in its appearance.
* DO NOT leave your membership wings on when you sell the vehicle.


* DO try to seek permission to freedom park and be friendly to the locals. If asked to move on, do so gracefully.
* DO NOT park in the vicinity of a Camp site or try to use their facilities.


* DO support those organisations that offer discounts to members.
* DO NOT insist on discounts using the Association name or demand a discount from camp owners and get annoyed when refused.


* DO enjoy your pets (all types!) and let others enjoy them also. Ensure they are not a nuisance by keeping them under strict control.
* DO NOT let them wander or leave anything behind!


* DO promote the NZMCA and abide by its regulations. Foster the motor caravanning movement by fulfilling the above ideals.
* DO NOT lose your cool or get aggressive if others do not uphold the above.

Remember two wrongs do not make a right!