Coach Touring Ain’t What It Used To Be

23216 Globus GrownUps advertorial 600x225 E
23216 Globus GrownUps advertorial 600x225 E

Globus Coach ToursAre you still of the opinion that coach touring consists of a lot of sitting still on a bus?

That you are being rushed from destination to destination and hurriedly guided like cattle through the usual, over-crowded sights, with just enough time to get a glimpse of the Mona Lisa, Piccadilly Circus or the Colosseum? Well, in that case we’re pretty sure you haven’t been on a Globus tour lately.

At Globus Tours, we are focused on giving you an unforgettable experience while exploring the world in complete comfort. All our coaches are fitted to provide plenty of legroom for everyone, and the air-conditioned, private space with free Wi-Fi makes the trip from village to town to city a breeze.

Globus Coach ToursUpon arriving at the 4 or 4.5-star hotels you never have to worry about checking in or even carry your own luggage. It is all taken care of by the professional Globus tour directors. The hotels are all close to the centre of action in each location, giving you more time to explore and discover or just relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

With Globus you will not only get to see the must-see sights, but also experience them through the stories of Local Guides who will bring them all, plus some less-known local treasures, to life. And it doesn’t stop there: With Globus VIP access you will breeze past the queues at major attractions. So, no tedious waiting in line for you!

We also let you experience places like a local. Our Local Favourites feature takes you behind the scenes to highlight Globus Coach Tourswhat makes your destination unique and to introduce you to regional flavours and traditions.

Most of our itineraries include additional travels by ferry, high-speed train, cruise ship, motorboat, mountain train or even by air, so, although all our coaches are top-of-the-line when it comes to comfort, there will be exciting breaks on board other types of transport.

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