Experience the world as a traveller, not a tourist

Be immersed in new destinations with Globus

Perhaps you did the big OE at 21 (which might seem like a lifetime ago!) and you want to rediscover the places you loved the most. Or perhaps the kids have long moved out of home, and it’s time for you and the wife (or hubby) to explore a little further than your annual trip to Fiji.

Ready for an adventure? Here’s what makes Globus Tours so special:

Expertly curated tour selection

Globus is hooked on travel not for the destinations, but for the way they make you feel. They use their experience and local knowledge to craft fully immersive adventures that show you what you expect to see – and then more. They take you to the beating heart of civilisations all around the world with VIP experiences and first-class encounters – where history, culture and culinary combine to ignite your inner wanderlust.

Unlock local secrets – tour directors and local guides

Globus tour directors are travel superstars. It’s their job to make sure you don’t just scratch the surface but go beyond the standard tourist fare to discover what really makes a place tick. Sometimes you’ll also go exploring with a local guide.

Coach touring at its finest

Carting a 20kg backpack around may have been fun in your early twenties – but these days, less is more – right? With coach travel, you don’t have to think about getting from A to B or lugging your suitcase along cobblestones and up flights of stairs. In fact, the only job you have is to relax and watch the world unwind before your very eyes. Globus chooses spectacular routes specifically for the extra sparkle they add to the itinerary.

 Travel your way

Globus understands that everyone’s idea of a ‘perfect’ trip looks different. You might thrive on busy cities, be ready to reinvigorate your soul in the wild, or perhaps your bucket list features more culinary delights than destinations. Whatever takes your fancy, Globus rates its trips based on the pace of the journey. Choose between ‘On-The-Go’ life-in-the-fast-lane adventures, or ‘Leisurely’ trips which feel a bit slower and more relaxed.

Whatever your travel dreams, Globus has you covered. Decide on your style of travel, choose your adventure – then get in touch by calling 0800 267 672, or visit the Globus website.