Dreaming Doesn’t Stop

Photo by @elisecook

Even though travel has come to a necessary standstill, nothing can stop us from letting our hearts and minds wander. So, while we can’t currently go to see the great pyramids of Giza, we can certainly envision their grandeur. While we can’t stroll down the cobblestone alleyways of Rome, we can flip through our travel journals and take a trip down memory lane. And while we can’t float down the blue waters of the Danube, our minds can still drift anywhere they may please.

Globus and Cosmos have been showing travellers the world for more than 90 years; like you, at our core we are adventure seekers, explorers and wanders. While we’ve all had to hit the pause button our holidays, the dreaming doesn’t stop. In the meantime, we can deliver to you some of our favourite facts, tips and places from across the globe.

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Photo by @elisecook

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