Britain like you’ve never seen it before

Undiscovered coach tours across the United Kingdom

Britain is well-known for Big Ben, black cabs and mushy peas. But what lies beyond the quintessential British fare, down the uneven cobblestones less travelled?

Say “Cheerio” to your typical guided tours. Globus’ and Cosmos’ Undiscovered escorted tours will take you down winding paths, through rolling green hills and to windswept cliffs, where you’ll discover what truly lies at the heart of the United Kingdom.

Globus – coach touring at its VIP finest

Why spend hours online trying to figure out where to go, what to see and where to stay when you could sit back and enjoy the tea? Globus will plan your journey seamlessly, making it easy to visit authentic and unspoiled English villages.

Visit the cathedral city of Devon, enjoy a pint of chandy with the locals in Widecombe-in-the-Moor, and marvel at the stunning scenery of Wales’ beautiful Wye Valley on Britain Uncovered.

You’ll escape the hustle and bustle of the city for calming hills, soothing hot springs and the solitude of seaside resorts on Hidden Treasures of Southern England. Single malt whiskey, elusive monsters and a heroic history of ancient warriors in tartan kilts await you on the Bonnie Scotland tour.

Or take the high road through Scotland, detouring to peaceful isles and fishing villages as you explore the unique and undiscovered side of the Scottish Highlands & Islands.

Cosmos – holidays that let you, and your budget, go far

Turn your dreams of eating crumpets in a castle overlooking the English countryside into reality – without breaking the bank. With greater freedom, choice of activities and plenty of free time, enjoy the benefits of escorted travel whatever your budget.

British Highlights provides the perfect balance of town and country, capital cities and local secrets, while the Scotland Outland Adventure will have you travelling back in time to the storied streets of Edinburgh and Glasgow, and lesser-known areas of the Scottish Highlands.

Cosmos Lite – touring á la carte

Start with a blank canvas, then select the experiences that fit your itinerary, pace and budget. Sleep late, start early, jam-pack your days or go with the flow – the choice is all yours.

England Explorer has something for everyone – from the banks of the Thames and shores of the English Channel to the hills of the Cotswolds and the cityscapes of London and Oxford. This escorted tour brings to life iconic English destinations, where along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to discover legends and lore through à la carte optional excursions, ample free time, and Cosmos’ exceptional guided assistance.

Coach touring – a better way to travel

Whether you’re looking for VIP treatment, freedom and flexibility, or a tour you can truly make your own, coach touring is a great way to travel.

Coach tour companies take the stress out of planning, giving you better quality for money with access to local knowledge and like-minded travel companions.

Fancy a jolly jaunt across Britain in 2020? Check out Globus’ and Cosmos’ Undiscovered coach tours.