This Christmas, Gift Native Trees with Trees That Count

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Grow our land, not our landfill.

From office Secret Santa exchanges to personalised presents for your grandchildren, there’s no denying gift giving is a major part of celebrating Christmas. But when budgets start at around $10 and gift lists can often feature dozens of names, purchasing gifts with meaning can become a challenge.

Cue Trees That Count. Founded by a charity with a genuine love for the environment and New Zealand’s unique national identity, the platform offers a unique chance to give a truly sustainable $10 gift that will last for generations. This Christmas, Trees That Count is calling on Kiwis to think outside the box and champion a mindful approach to gifting.

How it works

Gifting a native with Trees That Count is easy. Simply visit, choose a beautifully designed gift certificate, add a personalised message and email it to your recipient then and there, or schedule it to be delivered  on Christmas Day. The gifted tree will then be matched with a community planting group in New Zealand and you and your recipient will be updated on its location. Inspired by iconic national imagery like native flora, landscapes and indigenous birds and wildlife, the gift certificates capture the heart and soul of New Zealand.

New Zealand’s love affair with natives

From majestic groves of kauri and tōtara, to scarlet coastal pōhutukawa, fragrant mānuka and iconic silver ferns, native trees play an important role in the unique culture and identity of New Zealand. Planting a native also adds to the rich indigenous biodiversity of Aotearoa, removes carbon from the atmosphere, creates habitats for native wildlife, purifies waterways, stabilises soil and much more.

Who should be on your Trees That Count gift list this Christmas

At its core Christmas is about celebrating life, practicing kindness and cherishing loved ones. Exchanging gifts is a timeless Christmas tradition, though the level of consumerism that accompanies the festive season can be overwhelming.

The reality is that gag gifts and ‘cheapies’ will often end up in the back of drawers or worse, the bottom of a rubbish bin and eventually, landfill. Edibles like chocolate and alcohol are usually well received but let’s face it, there’s no shortage of either at Christmas time. Trees That Count offers a thoughtful alternative to consumer gifts and is suitable for anyone on your gift list.

  • Grandchildren who will be inundated with toys and gifts on Christmas Day. A tree is a fantastic way to show them the value of intangible gifts as well as teaching them about our precious environment.
  • Relatives and friends who live out of town or overseas. Gifting a tree minimises your environmental footprint, doesn’t cost anything to send and is a thoughtful way to make expats feel connected to the Land of the Long White Cloud at Christmas.
  • Secret Santa recipients. From colleagues to second cousins, a $10 native tree is a meaningful alternative to token presents.
  • Your staff. A small gift is a great way to bring a little Christmas spirit to your workplace. As a business owner, when you gift/fund trees you’ll also appear on the Trees That Count funder leader board.
  • Teachers and coaches. Among all the chocolates, candles and bottles of wine, a native tree will definitely stand out from the crowd.
  • Family and friends. Show a little neighbourly love and do a good deed for Mother Nature in the process with Trees That Count. Christmas gifts can vary from year to year depending on your budget.

Running out of time? No need to panic. With Trees That Count you can gift trees right up until Christmas Day. Visit to start gifting now.