May Day at Mayfair

9919 Village Manager and a Resident Dressed as Dame Edna  Left  and Dolly Parton  Right
9919 Village Manager and a Resident Dressed as Dame Edna Left and Dolly Parton Right

Lend Lease villages in New Zealand are communities in their own right, with a far greater sense of camaraderie than you'll find in most big city neighbourhoods. The many community activities are indicative of the convivial nature of the relationships that form in the villages. One prime example of this sociability is the recent Mayfair Day held at Mayfair Village.

Mayfair Day is a tradition at Mayfair Village and is held on the first Monday in May each year. It is a celebration of the community and an opportunity for residents to participate in many different ways, while bolstering the friendships that form within the village.

May Day is a typical village fair, full of gaiety, noise, and bustle. The day starts with residents browsing through the various trading tables with goods ranging from fresh home baking and preserves to clothing, bric-a-brac and homeware.

With friends and relatives welcome there is a buzz of activity with a number of people buying and bargaining. The food stalls with baked goods and preserves are a perennial favourite and trading is brisk and well supported and is usually accompanied by the residents meeting in the restaurant for a coffee and catch up.

There is also a silent auction for a wide variety of goods and it is surprising to see the good-natured competitiveness in the bidding, with the successful bidders smiling and laughing as they walk away with their bargains.

In the afternoon there is entertainment, which has often started with Maypole dancing. This year there was a fashion Parade, which was sponsored by Farmers Ltd. Professionally compered, the spectacle was a highlight of the day, with a great selection of clothing for women and men ably modelled by the residents.

Village Manager and a Resident Dressed as Dame Edna (Left) and Dolly Parton (Right)
The Mayfair Village choir entertained the residents and one of the highlights was the guest appearances of some 'international' models including Dame Edna and Dolly Parton doppelgangers. There has been some question as to whether they were the genuine article or merely great impersonations.

Village Manager, Gary Gunning, confirmed that May Day is, "a much anticipated and supported event at Mayfair Village." Long may it continue.