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Ron is:

A parent and a grandparent

He has his own coach

Ron has used and continues to use a coach to help him realise and bring forth his own goals. He knows what it’s like to be on the other side of coaching and the value it has brought him.

His professional background

His work experience has been mainly in public health – working with people and organisations to make healthier choices in their lives. He was the first N.Z. non-medical graduate in the postgraduate qualification in public health to pass with distinction.

Ron has also been a filmmaker, a teacher and real estate salesperson and has qualifications in all of those industries.

His road to coaching

Ron’s work and life experience have been all about working with other people. His greatest realisation after working in public health was that no matter how much advice or information you may have to offer and give to others, you cannot make anyone change. That change has to come from inside that person from their own ideas and values– a good coach will skillfully help you to achieve this.

The cost of doing nothing

Seven years ago Ron realised that his managerial position was not providing him with the fulfilment and balance that he really wanted in his life. After much soul searching and through his own work being coached, he decided it was time to move on and give himself a chance to shine.  Through that experience, he is now a serious promoter of:

  • Life/work balance so as to feel more fulfilled at work and personally
  • Career change
  • Helping people improve their relationships with family and partners
  • Gaining a spiritual meaning to life
  • Having a desire to ‘get sorted’

Ron Tustin
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