Meet PuzzleBeetle Author: Pam Hutton

10016 Puzzle Beetle Vol2 Cover
10016 Puzzle Beetle Vol2 Cover

PuzzleBeetle Volume 1Pam Hutton has been creating crosswords and puzzles for New Zealand and Australian publications for over twenty years. Her aim is to spread the pleasures and benefits of puzzle-solving far and wide.

Pam's crosswords and puzzles are published in the New Zealand Woman's Weekly, TV Guide, Weekend Gardener, Boating New Zealand, Next, Wilderness, Human Resources Magazine and the Real Estate Magazine. Other publications where her work has appeared include the Sunday Star-Times, NetGuide, Handyman, Good Health & Medicine, Kiwi Parent, Animals' Voice, Homestyle, Investigate, Lifestyle Farmer, Growing Today, Essentially Food, and New Zealand Investor.

Pam also publishes PuzzleBeetle books of mind-benders to meet the needs of puzzle fiends everywhere. All PuzzleBeetle puzzle books come with a health endorsement – they are beneficial for the body from the neck up. The only downside of these drug-free brain stimulants is that they may be addictive. The aim is to stimulate and entertain. So go ahead and give your brain a whirl!

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