My Father

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Ordinary Hero story submitted by Mavis Briars

I feel very privileged writing about my Father.

On returning from the First World War in 1922 and at the age of 22, severely gassed putting him in hospital for ten weeks. Miraculously attaining all his limbs. After a period of rest he and his three brother in laws set about forming one of the first Rugby Clubs to play on the newly drained Eden Park. It has been proved that the club existed for about  nine years, reaching the Status of a Senior Club. 

Then we have the depression that swept over NZ, causing havoc, my father had to leave his beloved job of builder/ joiner and dressed in a TURNED BEST SUIT, carried his overalls in a suitcase. He attained a boiler maker, crawling underground in tunnels fixing train/tram lines etc.

Eventually the depression finished and he was able to secure a job as a Radio Technician at The Farmers Trading CO, he had been studying for this at night for three years. he had married a lovely gentle lady, very creative who was also an accomplished pianist and between times learnt many a fine Baritone Solo, which he often performed At concerts, secular and church as well as 1YA Broadcast station. 

His last working years were spent  designing small crafted boats for leisure. Looking back I would certainly say that my father qualifies for an "Ordinary Hero''.