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4223 Eva Maria
4223 Eva Maria

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Introducing Eva-Maria

Having a broad knowledge of people and years of experience of working, mentoring and coaching teenagers and their parents, inter-generational relationships and social media expert Eva-Maria is living on the road to her dream; to bridge the gap of misunderstanding between youth and the older generations around the globe.

Eva Maria

Born in Russia in 1990, and having moved to New Zealand at age 6, Eva-Maria lives life true to her name, which was given to her as a symbolic link between opposites. Eva – a name from the West and Maria – from the East. Her name reflects the experiences and understanding she’s developed in life. She strives to understand both sides to any story, to help compromise and settle misunderstandings that arise between individuals and generations by giving the unheard and ‘other’ perspective from youth. Most of all she wants to give adults an insider look on everyday challenges teenagers face.

Becoming a mentor at 13, internationally certified coach at 15, and an international speaker and the author of a best selling book ‘You Shut Up!’ at 17, Eva-Maria is on her passionate career path. ‘You Shut Up!’ has been on bestseller lists and gained full national New Zealand media recognition, as well as being available in over 14 countries around the world. It is a book that was written from the experiences Eva-Maria picked up from her own life, and others’ over the years; this is a book for adults to learn how to get better relationships with teenagers in their life, written by a genuine teenager!

Now with the sequel ‘Shush, You!’, and having started a Social Media Company (www.socialemedia.co.nz), young Eva-Maria continues her passion through coaching individuals and groups, speaking to groups internationally, and running workshops. She works alongside both: parents, youth and adults, and now with SocialeMedia, with SMEs and corporate companies, all to help improve relationships between the generations.

Eva-Maria’s goal is to help improve 10,000,000 adult-teenager relationships around the world, and she is well on her way to doing so!

Join in with the big mission – starting with a visit to Eva-Maria’s website www.eva-maria.co.nz to sign up to Monthly Mission Updates and receive a FREE 9 Ways To Kill Conflict with Teens Poster!

To find out more about Eva-Maria’s Social Media Business; SocialeMedia, visit www.socialemedia.co.nz and while you’re there, sign up to the FREE electronic 7 Day Crash Course on Social Media, on the right hand side of the Home Page.


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