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2187 Eric Bakker
2187 Eric Bakker

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Who is Eric Bakker?

Mr Eric Bakker B.H.Sc.(Comp.Med) ND RC Hom.

Eric has a Bachelor Degree in Complementary Health Science, as well as separate qualifications in naturopathy and homeopathy, and has 17 years of experience in clinical natural medicine. He has received extensive Post-Graduate training in Australia, India, and America and New Zealand. Eric specialises in the clinical integration of natural and conventional medicine and has worked in conjunction with Medical doctors for over 10 years in clinics in both NZ and Australia. Eric lectures at Natural Medicine Colleges throughout NZ, and writes for several journals and health publications, including New Zealand’s Healthy Options magazine. Eric is a professional member of the NZ Natural Medicine Association, the NZ Society of Naturopaths, and the NZ Society of Homoeopaths. Eric was Vice President of the New Zealand Natural Medicine Association for two years, and is now on their editorial committee.

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