Dr David Hassan

10515 Dr David Hassan
10515 Dr David Hassan

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Dr David HassanMeet Dr David Hassan

My name is David Hassan. I am a General Practitioner currently working in Silverdale. I am a New Zealand graduate with a young family bumbling on a small block of land trying not to harm a few sheep, pigs and chickens.

I am overweight and suffer from gout. I floss about every 5 days except in the week before seeing the dentist when I do it every day.

I am interested in providing a real perspective on health and medicine. I have no interest in magnets or mattresses but aim to focus on the things that matter when considering a health issue, and what has worked with my patients.

I am not trying to sell any medicine, superfood or yoga pose, but am interested in informing the general public with a sound, down to earth, every man opinion.

I write about what interests me, what interests my patients’ and what I feel is important to know. I feel that the more educated about health everybody is, the less I have to work.

If you like my article please check out my blog www.daily-dose.co.nz, where you will find many more.