Organo Gold Coffee – Competition Winner Feedback

Read some of the feedback we received from our Organo Gold Competition Winners:

Read some of the feedback we received from our Organo Gold Competition Winners:

Feedback from our Green Tea Winner

Thank you for the Oregano Gold Green Tea. I am not a big green tea drinker but I am finding the tea very enjoyable.

My adult daughter drinks a lot of green tea and she says that the flavour is subtle and the tea is nice and refreshing.

Feedback from our Latte Winner

The coffee was nice; it dissolved very well, though it was a bit sweet for someone who likes coffee without sugar. At first it had a strange taste, but I got used to it and liked it then.

I didn't feel much different while I was drinking it, but I don't know if my immune system improved or not.

Thanks again.

Feedback from our Black Coffee Winner

We loved the coffee; the taste was really good, and although it had plenty of strength (which we like), it didn't have that slightly bitter undertone which some coffees have.

We didn't notice any changes in our health – we both have several conditions which markedly affect how we feel (even with medication) so perhaps we weren't good candidates. But we certainly enjoyed it – nicest 'instant' type coffee we've had for a long time.

We would certainly look at buying it, but don't know if there are any outlets in Nelson.

Feedback from our Hot Chocolate Winner

I received my Organo Gold Hot Chocolate in good order, thank you. I enjoyed it immensely, it tasted fantastic!

I noticed straight away the affect it had on my mood and therefore I guess my overall health and wellbeing. As I was under some stressful personal circumstances at the time of receiving it, my mood was noticeably low and absent. However, immediately on having the Organo Gold Hot Chocolate my mood became uplifted and I couldn't stay stressed if I had tried to! This was sustained throughout drinking the entire pack and sometime after!

I tried to make them last but they were very moreish and I wanted to stay in this good frame of mind! Even whilst thinking of my problems at the time of drinking the Organo Gold it had a very strong calming affect, which I mentioned to a friend at the time.

I've never had anything like it and I am very impressed to say the least!

I thank you very much for introducing me to & giving me the opportunity to try this amazing product! I will definitely be purchasing in the near future!