Great Tasting, Free Range Pork

Pork Loin ChopsThere is a huge selection of pork to purchase in New Zealand, but do you know where is actually comes from?

The majority of pork sold in New Zealand is imported in from Finland where it is mass produced commercially in cages (factory farming). This mass production and cheap labour means that New Zealand suppliers can bring this in at a low cost. These pigs also given growth hormones throughout there life to make them grow bigger and faster. It is a hard and cruel life for the pigs, something that Quality Meats does not believe is ethical.

Most of the pork farmed in New Zealand goes offshore to Asia. This is also factory farmed in cages and mass produced quickly for the high asian demand offshore. There are a lot of groups and organisations that are trying to stop factory farming in New Zealand.

There is only a very small percentage of pork in New Zealand that is free range. Unfortunately there are no rules or legislation set in place for free range pork farming, only guidelines that most farmers try to follow.

The pork that Quality Meats sells is free range farmed and all the pigs are free from growth hormones. Quality Meats strongly believes that all animals deserve to lead a  healthy and happy lifestyle. Pigs are natural roamers and explorers and for this reason they need a large paddock to call their home.

The food that the pig consumes also hugely affects the quality of the pork. The pork that Quality Meats sells is not grain fed and they are not fed any artificial feed. They are fed on 100% fruit and vegetables which are sourced from local horticulturists and a select few fruit and vege shops.

Quality Meats believes in sustainability and animal welfare, a subject that is too commonly overlooked. For the very best tasting and ethically raised pork, click here.