Tolerations are things that we have the power to change � we just haven�t got around to it yet!

Tolerations are things that we have the power to change – we just haven’t got around to it yet! Sometimes it just means you need to say something to someone – sometimes we just need to actually do something, but are unsure of how or what to do! What are some of the things you are putting up with that are really getting you down? Do you need to keep feeling like that? Once you have dealt with a toleration – it’s not a problem any longer – it’s gone – and you are free to enjoy life just that little bit more. So what’s holding you back from letting go or getting rid of something that’s really been bothering you.

If you have overcome a toleration, we’d love you to share your success with us!

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Response from Anne:
My daughter always left her laundry lying all over the bedroom floor. She would never pick it up and I was always having to do it! One day I bought her a laundry basket, told her I did not like the mess and that I would like her to put the laundry in the new basket and when it was full, could she please learn how to turn on a washing machine. I told her how much I valued her as a young adult and was very pleased she was so responsible. I also offered to show her how to use the washing machine!

She looked at me with eyebrows raised, and I thought she would throw a fit – but she just smiled, and said “no worries Mum”. Problem sorted and toleration gone!

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