Five Tech Hacks Using Everyday Objects

TVs that can surf the internet, computers that fit in your pocket – technology today is constantly changing and evolving.

Most of it has been invented to make life easier, but even the most user-friendly devices can leave us with new problems to try and solve. For instance, what are we meant to do with that jungle of wires behind the TV or under the desk?

Or what about those phone charging cables that are always wearing thin before we’re done with them? These five surprisingly simple tech hacks using everyday objects, show that even the most sophisticated technology can be helped along by a little old-school ingenuity, and that some inventions just never lose their usefulness.

Five-technology-hacks-using-everyday_Image11. Put Lego figurines to work

Lego figures have exactly the right sized hands to hold cords securely out of the way. So next time the grandkids leave their Lego figurines behind, don’t be in such a rush to give them back – they might be just the folk to sort out the birds’ nest behind your TV.









2. Music out of cup

If you need a quick sound system or want to put someone on ‘speaker phone’ while you go about an activity, place your phone into a glass or ceramic bowl to amplify the volume.



3. Protect your charger

About to turf an old pen? Before you do, take out the spring and wrap it around your phone’s charger cord.

This will protect it from bending and breaking.








4. Clips to organise your wires

Attach bull dog clips to the back of your desk, then string through your cables to keep them organised.



5. Trusty toilet rolls

Ever bundle up a cord, to have it uncoil again as soon as you put it down?

Use cardboard toilet rolls to hold your cords in place. Toilet rolls have been around since the nineteenth century and today they’re proving to be just as useful and versatile as ever.