The Uniquely New Zealand Story Behind MeloYelo EBikes

the uniquely new zealand story b
the uniquely new zealand story b

It all began with a programme to inspire young people.

In 2013, Taupo resident Rob McEwen and some colleagues conceived of a competition in high schools in which teams of students would design, build and compete in electric vehicles. This programme became known as EVolocity, and is now in over 100 schools nationwide, giving students a chance to learn practical engineering skills while also learning about the benefits of electric vehicles. EVolocity is a registered charity.

MeloYelo ebikes helps fund EVolocity, while giving retirees a social purpose and a new income stream.

MeloYelo ebikes contributes funds to EVolocity, while also leveraging an under-utilised resource: Retired kiwi blokes with mechanical & people skills who want some part-time income while doing something good for the community. MeloYelo’s customers share their stories in this video.

MeloYelo E-Bikes has 17 sales & service Associates located throughout NZ (see our locations here). Our team works together to define the frame style for each of our bikes, as well as every single component that will go on those bikes, always with our primary target of kiwi retirees in mind.

We only choose components from reputable name brands. Then, once we have sourced all the parts, we have our bikes assembled in China under the watchful eye of Holger, our German engineer who lives 2kms from our factory.

The MeloYelo promise?

You won’t find a more reliable ebike for a lower price. MeloYelo is not focused on being the cheapest brand of ebike. We’re focused on delivering the most reliable ebike possible and backing our bikes with:

  • A 2-year warranty on electric parts and a 1-year warranty on mechanical parts;
  • An inventory of key parts here in NZ so that should a fault arise, you won’t have to wait for months – or possibly forever – to get your bike repaired.
  • Quality service from trusted members of your communities

One of our Sales & Service Associates, Ken Agar in New Plymouth, had worked in ebike sales & service for 6 years before joining the MeloYelo team. Ken still services all makes and models, but only sells MeloYelo ebikes because, as he says “MeloYelo bikes outperform all others in their price range and I see far fewer MeloYelo bikes coming in for repairs as compared to other makes & models.”


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The MeloYelo Townee: Wide and low step-through city bike with battery integrated into the frame. $2395.

The MeloYelo Bootee. A 20” folding bike with low, wide step-through and specifications that are far superior to most. $2295.

The MeloYelo Roam. An urban and light trail “crossover” bike with great looks and specs. $2695 – $2945.

The MeloYelo Ascent MD. Low, wide step-through with frame-integrated battery and mid-drive motor. Available in two models from December: An urban/light trail crossover version at $3295 and a hard core trail version for $3995.

Click here to book a test ride. Our Associates will gladly bring a bike to you at a time that’s convenient, and there’s no obligation.  We’re also keen to hear your thoughts, take our ebike survey and you could win $500 voucher.