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Take the MeloYelo e-bike test ride challenge and be in to win
Grand prize: A MeloYelo Town’nTrail e-bike valued at $3495
Plus: $50 store credit for everyone who completes the challenge.

Since 2016, 100% Kiwi owned MeloYelo has focused on meeting the e-bike needs of Kiwis in their freedom years. More than 6,000 boomers have responded to MeloYelo surveys, giving MeloYelo valuable insight into what matters most to these riders. MeloYelo’s Kiwi engineering team are boomers themselves, as are the majority of MeloYelo’s nationwide network of sales and service agents. This is why you’ll find the whole MeloYelo experience – before, during and after the sale – refreshingly different.

MeloYelo’s frames are designed specifically with NZ’s rugged outdoors in mind. Their motors, praised by Consumer Reports NZ for their “excellent hill-climbing torque and power” are chosen for their ability to deliver extra turning power. Their batteries are sized so you don’t have to worry about running out of juice. Instead of trying to get you to fork out an additional $300-$500 on essentials like a carrier, mudguards and lights, they include these extras at no extra cost (also included in your purchase price is custom fitting of the bike to ensure it’s comfortable for you, plus a free comprehensive service check once you’ve clocked up a few hundred kms).

MeloYelo is so confident if you try a MeloYelo, you’ll buy a MeloYelo, they’ve launched the E-bike Test Ride Challenge.

Test ride a MeloYelo e-bike before December 10, 2021 and win, regardless of whether you purchase

  • One lucky winner will receive a brand new MeloYelo Town’nTrail e-bike valued at $3495 (or, if you purchase a MeloYelo between October 1 and December 10, 2021, you’ll receive a 100% refund on the purchase price)
  • Everyone who completes a test-ride before November 30, 2021 will get a $50 in credit at the MeloYelo online store.

There’s a lot to love about MeloYelo. Which is why they are so confident that if you try a MeloYelo, you’ll buy a MeloYelo.

Here’s the skinny:

  • With 80 newton-metres of torque, their mid-drive motors deliver up to 33% more turning force than other ebike motors. Ideal for keeping up with the kids and grandkids!
  • A 26% larger battery than most. Don’t be fooled by misleading claims about how far you can ride on a charge. There’s a formula for figuring it out. See their blog. Bottom line is, you won’t run out of juice on a MeloYelo.
  • Mudguards, carrier and lights, all supplied at no extra cost. (Elsewhere you’ll pay $300+ for these accessories.)
  • A nationwide service network, with a Call Centre that’s open 24/7 (peace of mind!).
  • Spare parts are available right here in NZ (MeloYelo’s favourite advertising slogan ever: LV Martin & Sons: “It’s the putting right that counts”).
  • A completely different experience before, during and after the sale. MeloYelo is in relentless pursuit of Raving Fans. 🙂 (And they’ve already got hundreds)

Book your MeloYelo e-bike test ride here and be in to win.