A different experience

A different experience

Design with boomers in mind!

At MeloYelo, they’re boomers themselves. They understand shopping for an e-bike is a process – often taking between 3-12 months before a decision is made – and there are lots of questions to be answered along the way. So, their focus has been on building their own sales and service network – independent from bike shops – and providing a huge amount of training to their agents, while also making lots of educational information freely available to those shopping for an ebike through their blogs.

Scrolling through their Google Reviews, you will find a common theme. MeloYelo customers praise the knowledge of the agents, while also appreciating the fact they did not feel pressured into making a purchase decision.

At the end of the day, MeloYelo wants you to buy the e-bike best suited to you – that feels best to you. They know they will win their fair share of business because after all, MeloYelo ebikes were designed by Kiwi baby boomers, for Kiwi baby boomers. And, they are huge believers in the phrase popularized by LV Martin & Sons back in the day: “It’s the putting right that counts.”

 The experience of buying an e-bike doesn’t have to be painful.

A baby boomer recently posted on the Facebook group NZ Electric Bike Community about the negative experiences they’d had when shopping for ebikes at bike shops. They had visited 6 bike shops across Rotorua and Tauranga, and said that the service they received was both rude and judgmental. In some cases, there was no acknowledgement at all that they were even in the shop. Many other people commented about similar experiences they’d had.

So, if you’re shopping for an ebike, why not book a Cuppa and a Chat with MeloYelo? They have agents throughout NZ and can offer you the opportunity to test ride their bikes in a safe environment.

Which brings us to a final point; many boomers haven’t ridden a bike in years, so there can be an initial fear and lack of confidence when trying out an e-bike for the first time. MeloYelo’s agents understand this and patiently work with you while you gain balance and confidence.

We do hope you’ll make MeloYelo part of your e-bike shopping journey. Learn more at www.meloyelo.nz