Stressed with tech?

Make it easy with Noel Leeming’s myTechSolution

New technology has a way of being life-changing – whether that’s because you can finally video-call your grandkids or watch the movies you haven’t seen for years.

Many people know what’s possible, but the thought of buying, setting up and installing the technology to make it happen seems like too big a barrier. Some people have had bad experiences in the past where they’ve ended up buying the wrong thing, couldn’t set it up properly, or just simply couldn’t get their head around using the tech. No wonder so many people put new gadgets and apps into the Too Hard Basket, and stick to the technology they’re comfortable with.

That might feel safer and easier, but it means you could be missing out on all the wondering things that the digital age has to offer!

Luckily, the experts at Noel Leeming Tech Solutions offer myTechSolution. When you buy a new piece of technology, you can choose to add a myTechSolution package along with it. That way you get expertise on tap to help you set up and make the most of your new technology and home appliances. Here’s what’s included in the package.

Delivery of new items and recycling of old ones

What to do with that old TV? It could go into the garage and, eventually, to the dump. Or Noel Leeming will take it away when they deliver the new one. That’s convenient for you – and it’s also far more environmentally friendly. They have systems that mean they can recycle or safely dispose of old technology.

Set-up and installation

Tech Solutions specialists will install and set up your new items and stick around to make sure you’re confident using them. They even have a service dedicated to setting up your new TV or audio system – there’s nothing worse than missing your favourite show! They’ll also check the set-up to keep you safe online. The internet is still a bit like the wild west, where bandits prey on the unsuspecting. There’s plenty you can do to protect yourself online, but the tech experts can help you implement everything and get clued up on best practice for internet safety.

Wi-Fi check

While they’re there, they’ll assess your Wi-Fi connection and connect any smart devices to the internet, so you’re all ready to go.

A learning session to get most from your tech

You’d be surprised at how many people spend good money on new gadgets, but use only a fraction of their functionality. With myTechSolution, you get a learning session with each new piece of kit you buy. Instore or at your home, these sessions are tailored to you. You’ll have a tech expert on hand to guide you through your new technology so you can use it confidently – and to the full!

Helpdesk support

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If down the track you run into a spot of bother with your new tech, you’ll know there’s always someone on the other end of the phone who can help. Perhaps your stereo won’t connect to WiFi any more, or you can’t seem to get your computer to talk to your printer. Whatever those niggling problems are, the Noel Leeming’s Help Desk will be able to help you get to the bottom of them.

Extra product protection

There’s nothing worse than when a new item just stops working! Your myTechsolution includes a Service Protection plan, which will cover you for any product faults during the agreement period.

$20 Noel Leeming e-vouchers annually for the life of your plan

As a sweetener, Noel Leeming takes $20 off a purchase for every single year you’re signed up for the package.

Make the most of your new tech

When you spend money on a new gadget, you want to use it to the full. It’s not just staying abreast of an ever-changing world that’s important, it’s also using new tech to keep in touch with the present – and the past.

Your myTechSolution can help by making sure you’re all set up, everything’s connected, your old device is recycled, and you know what you’re doing, so you’ll get the most out of every gadget you buy. Plus, for any problems down the track you have a helpdesk and service protection included, and $20 off the purchase price for every year you sign up.

The only question now is: what are you waiting for?

To get your myTechSolution package up and running, get in touch with Noel Leeming Tech Solutions now.