Get fit and healthy in 2020 using tech

Devices, gadgets and apps that help

New year, new you? If like many of us, your 2020 health and fitness goals have already started to slip, maybe you haven’t set yourself up for success. Never before have there been so many ways to track and support your health and fitness – the tech out there makes it easy to monitor and motivate you to put your health and wellbeing at the top of the list.

We asked the experts at Noel Leeming Tech Solutions for their top picks of gadgets that make sticking to your health and fitness goals a breeze.

Your smartphone

Your smartphone is a fitness gadget in disguise. You’ll find an array of apps and gadgets that link up with the smartphone at its core – for example, MyFitnessPal lets you record your diet and exercise, Aaptiv gives you access to guided workouts, and SleepCycle can help track and improve your sleep. Generally, any fitness gadgets you have can also be linked to your iPhone, letting you track and manage everything from your nutrition to how many steps you’ve taken, with data drawn from multiple places and summarised. That makes it easy to compare how you’re doing with your fitness goals.

Comfortable headphones

Whether you’re following along to a guided meditation or playing your favourite grooves to push you along that walk, good headphones are a must-have. To work well for fitness, they need to be light and comfortable. Most people opt for earbuds for that reason. Wireless ones are particularly handy – they work via Bluetooth so you don’t get tangled up in cables!

Activity tracker

For many people, constantly checking in with progress day-to-day is a great way to keeping on the straight and narrow. A wearable activity tracker can measure things like your heart rate, your daily steps and your sleep. This helps you understand what you’re doing day to day, and set goals you can actually stick to.

Fitness gaming

You think games are just for kids? Think again! Home gaming consoles aren’t all shoot-em-up adventures. Many games are designed to get you off the couch and moving. Nintendo offers the widest selection of fitness-based games. You’ll just need a special handset, like the Nintendo Switch. Bonus – your grandkids will love visiting you even more with the nifty new gadget to play with!

Smart scales

Scales have come a long way! Modern scales don’t just measure your weight. WiFi connected, many can do a full-body scan, give you information like your body composition of water vs fat, bone and muscle, then seamlessly link to health tracking apps. When you’re on a mission to dramatically shift weight or build muscle, that kind of insight can be invaluable – muscle weighs more than fat, so as you get fitter, you may find you stop losing weight! With a smart scale, you’ll be able to clearly see what’s going on and adjust your progress as you go.

Healthy kitchen

Getting healthy is as much about what you put in as it’s about your output. When your kitchen is all set up to easily cook delicious, healthy meals, you’re far less likely to hit the vending machine or nip down to the chippy for dinner. Set and forget a healthy dinner with a slowcooker and turn cauliflower into rice or pizza bases with a good food processor.

If you’re looking for an extra nutrient-boost, blending up seeds, nuts, fruit and veggies can make for a healthy breakfast or lunch on the go – you’ll need a great blender for that, which will also make it fast to whip up delicious, healthy soups! If you love your deep-fries (and who doesn’t?) you may find an airfryer can create crispy, delicious chips that hit the spot without hitting the waistline, while a benchtop grill makes meat delicious and drains off the fat.

With all the buzz about juicing, you’ll know that many health gurus recommend it as the perfect way to get a full-on hit of vitamins, without all the calories. Home juicers are pretty efficient these days – you’ll whip up fresh veggie juice as quickly as the pros!

Treating yourself!

All that hard work on your health and fitness is its own reward – but a little extra indulgence never hurt either. Whether your feet are killing you after that beautiful long walk, or you’ve strained a muscle on your new fitness regime, a home massager can help ease the pain. Plus, an oil diffuser can bring a sense of calm and happiness after a long day.

Get techie help

Gadgets are only has good as the people using them! If technology just makes you feel stressed out, Noel Leeming Tech Solutions experts can help you choose the right tech, then deliver, install set it up, so you’re ready to meet your health and fitness goals. If you’re still feeling a bit lost, Noel Leeming’s one-on-one Learning Sessions can help make sure you know how make the most of your new devices. Meet with one of their tech experts in store or at your home to get advice, guidance and tips.

Getting fit has never been so easy

It takes perseverance to achieve weight-loss or reach fitness goals, and most of us struggle to keep going. Make it easy on yourself – let devices, gadgets and apps help you set goals and stay motivated. Whether it’s eating well, measuring your progress or making sure you get enough sleep, there’s a tech solution out there for you.

Want to know more about fitness tech? Talk to Noel Leeming Tech Solutions now about choosing the right devices, or book your one-on-one learning session here.