White Linen Design


By Jill Bryce

White Linen Design, the home of simple yet elegant, timeless fashion; New Zealand designed and made garments that are comfortable and chic for the discerning women of the 21st century.

My garments have been designed with you in mind, that is, the New Zealand figure. The garments are elegant, stylish, extremely comfortable and timeless, for Grown Up Girls, from every day wear or for those special occasions.

White Linen Design
Prior to launching White Linen Design I was concentrating on my art (www.jillbryce.co.nz) but during that time I was struggling to find gorgeous clothing that suited my ‘Baby Boomer’ figure, so out came the sewing machines which had been hidden away for many years.

I received many comments on my new clothing, that late in 2010, bowing to pressure from family, friends and colleagues, I felt it was time for White Linen Design to be launched specifically for GrownUp Girls who want to look fashionable, fabulous and gorgeous.

Jill BryceI have now come full circle and returned to my teenage years and the joy of designing and creating clothing. I love the feel, the textures, and the colours of fabric and when I see a fabric that catches my eye, I design my garments around that fabric.

Some of my new items are now including my two loves; that is designing and sewing, and painting. I am now hand painting on 100% NZ-made Merino, to make one off original garments that are real 'Statement' pieces.

The simple style of White Linen Design, keeps the garments elegant and timeless. White Linen Design not only makes you feel fabulous but you also look fabulous.

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