Max Manus Movie


Directed by Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg

Starring Aksel Hennie, Nicolai Cleve Broch, Christian Rubeck, Knut Joner, Mats Eldøen

Runtime 112 minutes

Rated R13 violence

The film starts at the Sala front in Finland in 1940. The 25-year-old Norwegian Max Manus fights as a volunteer alongside the Finns against the Russian invaders.  In March, the Finns capitulate and Norwegian and Swedish volunteers are sent home.  However the Norwegian contingent is stopped at the border in the morning of 9th April and told that Hitler has invaded their country. For many Norwegians this creates confusion. They have just left a war where the Germans were on their side, but overnight they are now the enemy.  Most of the Norwegian soldiers cross the border into Norway to fight the invaders. But it is hopeless, and in June the Norwegian army gives up. As the Norwegians lays down their weapons, a secret army – the resistance movement – is born. 

Max Manus starts in the resistance by joining friends printing illegal newspapers. Later he expands into weapon distribution and minor sabotage actions. But being of a reckless and wild nature he is soon caught. When the Nazi police show up in his apartment he chooses the fastest way out: jumping through the 2nd floor window! Miraculously he survives and wakes up in a hospital bed where he immediately starts planning his escape. Despite the Germans have posted guards outside his room around the clock, he succeeds.  His escape route takes him to England where he goes through sabotage training with the Free Norwegian Forces. In 1943 he parachutes over Norway to rejoin the growing resistance movement.

The Max Manus legend as Norway’s most famous resistance fighter is born.