6 Steps to Creating the Perfect Mother’s Day Photo

Creating the Perfect Photo

A Mother’s Day family get together is the perfect opportunity to create a lasting memory with a special photo. But if you’re shuddering at the cost of bringing in a professional to make it happen, think again. With just the click of your phone camera, you can take a photo that looks a million dollars. Here’s how…

Creating the Perfect Photo

1. Make a plan

Make it easy on yourself, and everyone else, by planning your photo in advance. Well before the gathering, list everyone who will be in the photo on the day. Draw a simple seating plan, putting the most significant family members in the most prominent spots (the front seats). It might be the oldest ‘Mum’ who takes centre stage, with younger mums flanking her, other adults behind, and grandchildren sitting on the floor in front. Assemble your seating in a spare room before the gathering (that way, it won’t be disturbed when everyone arrives). Tape a name tag on each seat and space on the floor, so everyone will know where to sit.

2. Colour co-ordinate

This one simple factor will turn an amateur shot into a professional look-alike. To make it happen, ask in advance for everyone to wear neutral coloured clothes (black, white, cream beige etc). Also ask about a third of the people who will be in the photo to wear an accessory or piece of clothing in a highlight colour of your choosing. For example, if your highlight colour is red, a child could wear red ribbons or a red cap; an adult might wear a red cardigan, scarf, tie or brooch, or carry a red handbag). You’ll be amazed how effective this looks when everyone is assembled ready to have the photo taken.

3. Dress it up!

The background in a photo is so important because it brings everything together. To help ‘dress’ the background in advance, place your phone in the position it will be in on the day you’ll be taking your photo. Look at the screen, and notice the space in view around your subjects. Pop 2-3 background ‘props’ into this space (they should be in the same highlight colours you asked your guests to wear). For example, if the highlight colour is red, you might include in the background a vase of red flowers, a desk lamp with a red shade, a painting or print in predominantly red colours, a red throw on a chair, or even a red mat (just one or two).

4. Know your phone camera

The camera on your smart phone will almost definitely be up to the task of taking a top quality photo – but only if you get to know it, and it’s functions, ahead of time. If you plan to be in the photo yourself, learn how to use the timer on your phone camera. This will allow you to click the camera while still having time to slip into the space waiting for you. Learn how to use the repeat shot mode on your phone camera, too. This will allow you to take multiple shots with just one click of the camera, and although not strictly necessary, if your camera has a focus button, why not learn how to use it? Most importantly, make a stand or provide something (like a stack of books) for your camera to lean against if you will not be holding it yourself.

5. Mix it up!

Casual Family PhotoDon’t be afraid to take photos other than those where subjects are formally seated. To give you ideas on other fun poses, check out magazines, or image-search the net for ‘informal family photos’ to see how others have done it before you. Here’s a tip – take the more formal photos first as they are almost guaranteed to be successful.

6. Make it simple, keep it fun

The best photos are those taken while everyone is relaxed and happy – something could quickly change if you take too long getting the photo you want. That’s why it’s important to prepare AHEAD. By taking no more than 5-10 minutes getting your shots on the day, you’ll take the best family photos you could ever hope for. Happy Mothers Day memory-making!