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It’s part of being a Kiwi bloke, not seeking health advice until something is wrong.

Blackmores wants to change that. Their ‘Be a Well Being’ campaign is about being proactive when it comes to keeping your health in check. One of the best ways to do that, is to consider what you’re eating (and drinking!).

Do you get enough of the right foods each day – five veg and two-three fruits – to consider yourself a ‘wellbeing’? Do you eat freshly prepared meals most days and keep alcohol to a moderate amount? Do you smoke or have other habits which can damage your health? Do you exercise?

They’re tough questions and some of the answers might be difficult to face. Acknowledging what’s happening is an important first step to changing it. To check your health score click here to find out.

The good news is, the changes you make will be worth it. It is possible to make big improvements by going on a health kick. Weight loss, reducing cholesterol and becoming fitter are some of the benefits you might see. Eating fresher foods will also support energy levels, immunity and even your mood.

Serious Man

Supplements can help where your diet might be inadequate or when you want to take a targeted support product.

Blackmores Men’s Performance Multi supports overall wellbeing, energy levels and healthy performance in the gym and in the bedroom. If more exercise is a key focus for you, then Blackmores Exercise Multi, with Siberian Ginseng, supports healthy stamina and endurance. It also contains Branch Chain Amino Acids for muscle recovery.

Muscle Magnesium supports muscle recovery too and magnesium is known for supporting relaxation and restful sleep.

Heart health is a big consideration for most blokes. The heart does an amazing job right? Blackmores heart range features Co Enzyme Q10, omega-3 fish oils and the new Smart Heart for healthy cholesterol levels.

So, if you’ve asked yourself the questions and you’re feeling disheartened by the answers. Don’t be. Go to and check out the many products and health tips. Or phone the Blackmores Naturopathic Advisory Line 0n 0508 75 74 73.