Heart Saver AED winner: Glen Oroua School

HeartSaver Winner Glen Oroua School kids with AED7000

It was the pending arrival of a new entrant with heart issues that got Glen Oroua School principal Raylene Franks thinking about an AED. With the local volunteer fire brigade at least 10 minutes away and the nearest ambulance a 30-minute drive, Raylene knew they needed to have something closer to hand.

“The more I thought about it, the more I thought we needed to do something about this situation. An AED was a good place to start and when I saw the Heart Saver competition in a Woman’s Day magazine, I thought it was worth a try,” she said.


HeartSaver Winner Glen Oroua School kids with AED7000


Glen Oroua School is a rural school, 20 minutes outside of Palmerston North. The school has 72 children, three classes, three teachers and principal Raylene.

Winning an AED in the March Heart Saver AED draw took a weight of Raylene’s mind.

“It’s like we’ve got a crutch to lean on. We know that if something happens, we can help. We don’t feel so useless anymore.”

The AED will be fitted to the exterior of a classroom, so it can be accessed 24/7, and Raylene intends to make sure the entire community knows it is there if anybody ever needs to use it.

Cigna, GrownUps and Heart Saver are delighted to donate an AED to Glen Oroua School to help them take care of their students and community.

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