Do You Suffer From Tired or Aching Legs?

8092 Merino Icon
8092 Merino Icon

The great thing about this product is that it is an award-winning, New Zealand designed and made Medical Device, made from New Zealand Merino.

Merino creates a unique Merino Micro-Environment, wicking moisture away from the skin not only making it possible to wear on hot days but also eliminating skin reactions or excessive sweating when wearing the product.  Merino also has a wonderful memory retention making the product last longer.  The other slightly (dear I say it) weird thing about this product is as it is only Merino that touches the skin and it wicks moisture away you are able to wear the product for about 3-4 days without washing it was it does not get smelly!  Strange I KNOW  but our sales reps are wearing them day in day out and as long as they air them out at night they are good to go the next day.  Also as you do not have to wash them as much they last so much longer than the others on the market.

Made from New Zealand Merino Encircle Compression Therapy  provides restorative and preventative care for the following:

  • Ideal for travellers to prevent DVT
  • Poor or limited blood flow
  • Limited mobility and effective limb support
  • Varicose veins
  • Swelling of ankles
  • Pre & post operative surgery
  • 40% of people aged 45 and older are estimated to suffer circulatory problems

Pricing on these vary depending on the compression level you require.

If you are under the guidance of a health professional they will either advise you to get a ‘flight sock’ as such, which is our first compression level ‘Encircle Therapy A’, sold in pair in small med & large.

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If your health profession requires you to get a specific level of compression there is a guide below for you to decide that you need.  The higher compressions are sold as a single leg and come with an additional  easy to apply additional compression outer sleeve.

For more information:

Visit us online, or email for information details and easy measurement guide.

Please note: Your doctor may recommend a specific therapy for your needs.  If your wounds or ulcers are taking a long time to heal Encircle Class 2 or Ulcer Therapy could be used.  For all other concerns please consult your doctor or medical professional.