Hand-Crafted Walking Sticks

1938 walking stick 2
1938 walking stick 2

Sam Fairburn hand-crafts walking sticks for both ease and comfort.

These walking sticks are made out of recycled native timber and are all personally hand crafted by Sam. One problem he has found is that many people have some trouble retrieving their walking sticks if the stick falls over. With this in mind, Sam’s walking sticks are custom crafted to be easy to pick up; you simply put your foot on the handle and the stick will pop up into the air (end first).

Each stick can be made to a height that suits each person and the handles are designed so they fit into your hand, either right handed or left handed, to suit you.

At the present time, the sticks are mainly rimu but Sam does have some made out of mahogany if you are interested.

Each stick costs $35 plus $10 postage, anywhere in NZ.  Please contact Sam Fairburn….[Ed.  We are in the process of tracking Sam down at present, as he has changed his details.  Apologies].