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Value Peformance Checklist

What do you need to improve shareholder value?

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What do you need to improve shareholder value?

Strategic Management

  • Alignment of stakeholders
  • Alignment of management responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Appropriate ownership structure
  • Operating strategies consistent with mission and vision
  • Understand what the business is worth today
  • A sound understanding of value drivers
  • Understand potential value in 5 years time
  • Sound shareholders' agreement
  • Clearly defined exit strategy

Financial Management

  • Strategically sound business plan
  • Integrated cash-flow planning model
  • Product profitability analysis
  • Customer profitability analysis
  • Project approval and priority process
  • Relief from onerous contracts
  • Overhead expenditures that add value
  • Resolution of financing pressures
  • Re-capitalisation of the business

Information Flows

  • Key management metrics
  • Information not data to manage the business
  • Business units that communicate effectively
  • Effective stakeholder communication

Project Leadership

  • Committed sponsorship from the top
  • Defined deliverables, metrics and timelines
  • Sound business case
  • Defined team roles
  • Experienced project manager

Asset Productivity

  • Optimal utilisation of scarce resources
  • Identification of excess assets
  • Conversion of excess or under-performers to cash
  • Realise value of tax losses
  • Convert deal synergies to cash
  • Retain key employees
  • Resolve business disputes and litigation
  • Ownership dispute resolution

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