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Door to Door Deals


salesmanWhen someone knocks on your door, or rings you up, most people's innate manners will have them answer and hear whoever it is out. These salespeople are simply doing their job, but not all of them are entirely honorable in their dealings. IF you are faced with a direct salesperson (who has approached you unbidden), be aware of your rights and potential problems.

Unfortunately, older people are often conned or talked into buying items they don't need, paying too much, or persuaded to disclose financial details by unscrupulous salesmen. Have you ever been talked into buying or signing up for something by someone who knocks on your door?

It is your absolute right to take as much time as you need to think over any purchase you make. Never be rushed by someone who has visited or phoned you. If they are offering a deal that requires an answer on the spot and you feel in any way pressured, the prudent answer is no. Do not be drawn into a discussion as to why. It is your money to spend and your right to refuse their offer. If you would like to talk about it, contact a family member or respected friend and talk it over with them. Alternatively, contact another company that provides the same service and ask for an indication of costs so that you can see if what you have been offered is reasonable.

The same goes when you are using a tradesperson. You may negotiate paying them in instalments, but be extremely wary (ie don't!) of paying in advance before the job is completed. Once you have paid in full, it can be hard to insist they turn up and finish. Ask to see the trade invoice from their supplier before paying for materials and insist on receiving a receipt for payment of any materials on the day you pay for them.

If you decide to go ahead with any purchase, be it for goods or services, make sure youn can afford it. Don't be fooled into 'saving' a vast amount on something you didn't need in the first place! 

If you decide to buy from someone at the door make sure they allow you time to get someone else to look over the contract. If they have nothing to hide they should be happy for you to do so. 

Saying no can be hard. If you do not want any door to door salesman knocking on your door you can get a ‘Do Not Knock. Salespeople not welcome here’ sticker from us to put at your letterbox or beside your front door. 


• Don’t sign up for something on the spot

• Get someone else to look over a contract

• Don’t pay for work before it is completed

• Make sure you get a receipt

• Don’t let a salesman take you to the bank to get money out

• If you ask them to leave and they don’t, call the Police

• If you are required to make a progress payment on a big job, make sure it is only for the value of the work done to date