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What’s Up With Gold? [NZ Mint]

7675 bars
7675 bars

Gold; it’s been capturing the interest of both investor and journalist alike; perhaps it’s even caught your attention on occasion.

Last year, gold in US Dollars, climbed to numerous record breaking highs, central banks became net buyers of gold after 21 years as net sellers; and the World Bank President Robert Zoellick even suggested the G20 members consider returning to a gold standard.

Newsworthiness aside, why the growing interest in gold? Gold’s rising investment demand has been attributed to the current global economic uncertainty, with investors seeking a safe haven from risk and inflation. On the home front, as a nation who understands the benefit of a physical asset it could be gold’s tangibility that has growing appeal.

This may all be old news to you if gold has already piqued your interest. What you may be more interested in knowing is who in New Zealand you can buy gold from, and what the process involves.

Straightforward Opportunity to Invest

The New Zealand Mint has been minting legal tender commemorative coins, gold bullion and medallions for more than four decades and were one first world mints to adopt the .9999 standard for gold coin purity with its flag ship coin; the 1oz Gold Kiwi.

We are New Zealand's only precious metal mint and provide physical gold and silver bullion as well as storage services to both a growing local and international investment market. Our Bullion Exchange is designed to make buying and selling precious metals as straightforward as possible; our focus is on providing friendly, professional service no matter what size investor you are.

If you are thinking about investing in gold, the first step can be as simple picking up the phone and giving us a call. Our traders are happy to talk you through the practical aspects of bullion buying, our product range and our delivery and storage services.

Free phone: 0800 696 468

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