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Low maintenance easy living homes – Sunshine Homes

1081 red hot special logo
1081 red hot special logo

More people now buy a Sunshine home than any other type of low cost, solid timber home in New Zealand. Let‘s see why.

Our aim from the very first home (built nearly 16 years and thousands of houses ago) has always remained the same to build houses that are great to live in, that really last and that everyone can afford. You will love the many features included in each home.

  • Solid natural timber interior walls
  • Smart, low maintenance weatherboards
  • Protective roof eaves
  • Sturdy,treated timber frame
  • Snug, safe insulation and free smoke alarms

We’re building new showhomes all the time and we’d be delighted To sit down with you (at no obligation) and plan out just the right home for your site. Every month we run a series of Red Hot Specials. Check them out and save even more on our best selling homes.

Solid natural timber interiors

Many people comment how comfortable it feels living with the natural timber of their Sunshine home.

Radiata pines thrive in New Zealand’s climate and since the first trees were planted in 1840 huge plantations have been established right around the country. Each year these renewable forests quietly remove millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and replace it with the oxygen the world needs to breathe.

At maturity it only takes a small amount of energy to mill a pine tree into Sunshine wall boards and to plant a new seedling in its place.

Nature and manufacturing striking a balance…it’s a good start.

Transportable homes

2 bedroom home 6×10.0m from $70,000

3 bedroom home 6×13.0m from $88,500

ex yard prices do not include transport or onsite costs

Red Hot Specials are in demand call to check availability

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