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Your Home, Your Choice – Choose Lifemark

9926 Blundell bathroom
9926 Blundell bathroom

Whether thinking about building or combing through the real estate listings for your next house consider whether that perfect new home will still suit your needs 10 years from now. Every family situation is different and as we age our needs change.

The Lifemark is an independent seal of approval awarded to homes that meet a set of design criteria which allow residents to stay in their own home, no matter what age, stage or ability, by incorporating design features that allow a home to adapt as circumstances change.

BathroomIt's the indiscernible differences that simply make living in your home easier, level entry which when pushing a pram, carrying an armload of groceries or navigating with a mobility aid suddenly becomes less of an obstacle than traditional entry ways. Leaver handles on doors, windows and faucets and additional bracing in bathroom walls for grab rails, which can be installed easily at a later date, should they be required.

A home that is awarded the Lifemark can be a forever home for you and your family or equally be a desirable asset should you choose to sell, as a home that is adaptable opens your potential market to a whole host of people who would have otherwise overlooked your property as unsuitable.

Andrew Olsen, General Manager, Lifemark has been working to extensively educate the building industry and public about Lifemark and the benefits of including the Lifemark Design Standards in all new residential building developments.

Living Room"There are now a good number of builders, building companies and architects throughout the country who are Lifemark Accredited and can incorporate the Lifemark Design Standards into your home, Lifemark Accredited professionals make the process very simple," Andrew adds.

By consulting with a Lifemark Accredited architect or designer right from the start of the design and build process you will ensure any building project is informed, meets all the right codes and compliances and results in a home you and your family can enjoy for many years to come. Also, it hardly costs any more if you include Lifemark standards at the start of the design process and the benefits are numerous.

If you are thinking about building speak to your designer or builder about the Lifemark or visit to find an accredited provider near you.

Lifemark alongside the Auckland Council were delighted to recently host the first inaugural Universal Design Conference, which brought together both International and local speakers to discuss the benefits of Universal Design in our communities.