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Make Sure the Next Generation Aren’t Working ‘Til They Die

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While you've probably already sorted out your own KiwiSaver scheme account, have your children or family sorted theirs? Retirement may seem like a long way off to them, but they'll appreciate the benefit of investing early to help secure a comfortable future. And while working 'til you die is one option, having a KiwiSaver scheme account is a better one.

Know someone who's going to work 'til they die?

There's no guarantee that New Zealand Superannuation will continue at its current levels in the future. So helping your family to set some savings aside is a very good idea. Watch this video and pass it on to anyone you think needs a friendly nudge.

You can see more on why choosing the BNZ KiwiSaver Scheme makes sense at, or give us a call to discuss helping your family get their KiwiSaver scheme account sorted.